Tiny LiPo Battery

  • Item:: Tiny LiPo 3.7V Battery
  • Brief:: Smaller than a nail: 3*9*10(mm) with 8mAh~12mAh, C-rate can be 10.

Publish time:2020-02-03 22:04:23

Tiny, smallest lithium polymer batteries : GMB031009 3*9*10(mm) 12mAh; C-rate can be 10.

Tiny and smallest polymer Lithium Battery  301009 8mAh, gives 10 C-rate, smallest li-Po battery 301009 from GMB is smaller than your nail, li-Po battery 301009 7mAh, gives 10 discharge rate, smallest size from China.

1. GMB031009 High C-rate

Nominal Capacity 8mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
 Max. Continuous Discharge Current 70mA
Max. Pulse Current 80mA
 Dimensions 3*9*10(mm)
Operating Temperature  -55℃~85℃

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2.  GMB031009 High Capacity

Nominal Capacity 12mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
 Max. Continuous Discharge Current 12mA
Max. Pulse Current 12mA
 Dimensions 3*9*10(mm)
Operating Temperature  -55℃~85℃

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l         能量密度高, 容量高出同行業10%~30%;
High energy density(540WH/L), capacity is 10%~30% higher than the present battery industrial;

l         日產量10萬只;
Daily production capacity is up to 100K due to self-developed automatic machines and effective engineering team ;

l         安全性高, 專為可穿戴式設備設計.

l         High Safety. Specially designed for wearable devices.

l         極片韌性高, 并采用不同溫度, 多次成形, 使電池長期穩定;,

l         To guarantee the long terms stability, Both anode and cathode blades are specially made for higher tenacity, and bent at 5 levels in different temperature.

l         4C快充
4Cfast charging current for your solution;

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